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Herman Yau, Tend CEO & Co-founder, is a Silicon Valley Business Journal ’40 Under 40′ Winner

Silicon Valley Business Journal 40under40Silicon Valley Business Journal today named Herman Yau, CEO & Co-founder at Tend, as one of the prestigious ’40 Under 40′ winners. The annual ’40 Under 40′ list spotlights ambitious entrepreneurs under the age of 40 who have disrupted the business world and tech landscape to make a positive and lasting impact on the community.

Herman Yau is a truly passionate entrepreneur. As the pioneer behind one of the first video home monitoring solutions, Herman’s vision in making DIY video monitoring simple and easy to use for consumers ushered in a new era in the connected home. By allowing people to easily set up and use video monitoring systems, and connect to them to view real-time live feeds from any mobile device, Herman’s innovation has made staying connected with loved ones, capturing life’s most precious moments and tending to what matters most exceptionally user-friendly.

His passion is to democratize advance technology, making it more accessible to everyone and to make products that have a positive impact on customers’ lives on a daily basis. To that end, most recently, Herman has substantially expanded the footprint of video monitoring, launching the industry’s first Vision-as-a-Service platform, providing a complete plug-and-play solution to help leading connected home brands deliver vision products and services to market faster than ever before. By Herman’s innovative combination of leveraged cloud storage, award-winning hardware and immersive apps, the new VaaS platform delivers the Internet of Things with Heart, a complete turnkey platform to help connected home companies accelerate vision-centric product development.

All of this work has been done with one primary motivation: keeping loved ones close even when you can’t physically be near, as well as contributing to people’s lives in a way that allows them to focus on what matters most, even when they can’t be physically present.

“Making a difference” is a common mantra in Silicon Valley. But, the work Herman Yau and the Tend team are doing is truly fulfilling this mission in an everyday, tangible manner for more than half a million Tend users, with many more to come as the company expands partnerships.

For his vision, dedication and heart-felt passion, along with innovative transformation of advanced technology into a user-friendly everyday product, Herman Yau is thrilled to be recognized as one of Silicon Valley’s 40 Under 40.

Herman holds a BA in Computer Science and a Masters in Engineering and Computer Science from Cornell.

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