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john deere

 John Deere

Redefining Property Management

Discover the latest line of John Deere security cameras born from a heritage of protecting what matters most. Check in on your property, equipment or loved ones with live HD streaming video, automatic night vision and instant alerts via the free iSecurity+ app. Each camera also comes with 24 hours of free and secure cloud storage. With easy setup and brilliant features John Deere cameras offer a comprehensive property monitoring solution that elevates peace of mind.

John Deere
Wifi Camera 100

John Deere WiFi Camera 100

John Deere
Wifi Camera 120W

John Deere WiFi Camera 120W

Unrivaled Technology and Innovation

Tend to what matters most with a suite of KODAK products created to help you stay connected to the people, pets and places - wherever you are. With smooth HD video quality, crisp 2-way audio and automatic infrared night vision, you’ll never miss a moment. Using the free and secure app, view live video remotely using your smartphone or tablet. With KODAK monitors, you’ll always stay close to your loved ones.

KODAK Video Monitor
for Pets CFH-V15

KODAK Video Monitor for Pets CFH-V15

KODAK Baby Monitoring
System CFH-BVA10

KODAK Video Monitor CFH-BVA10

KODAK Video Monitor

KODAK Video Monitor CFH-V10

KODAK Video Monitor

KODAK Video Monitor CFH-V20




despicable me 3

Despicable Me 3

Always Wanted Your Own Minion?

Let Stuart the Mischievous Minion keep an eye on your favorite people, pets and places with live-streaming, instant alerts and night vision features. The exceptionally simple plug-and-play setup makes it easy for anyone to put new Stuart Cam or Minion Cam or Flexi Cam to work in just minutes. The HD WiFi cameras also delivers a personalized Pet Highlight Reel™, using smart pet detection technology that automatically summarizes your pet's best moments of the day into a fun music video. Plus, talk and interact with pets - and sound like a Minion with the Minion Talkback feature - over two-way audio using the Tend app. Of course, the same features can be used to check-in on human loved ones, too.