Kodak CFH-BVA10

Kodak CFH-BVA10

Notice: KODAK Connected Family Home products have been discontinued, and the Limited One-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty has expired on all KODAK Connected Family Home products. Warranties are only valid when products are purchased from authorized resellers or distributors. (Generally, sellers on outlets such as Amazon, Ebay and others are NOT authorized resellers or distributors.)

If you have purchased a Kodak CFH-BVA10, these instructions will help you setup your camera and the Tend Baby App. Before physically mounting your camera, it is best to activate your camera first. Here's how:

Kodak CFH-BVA10
  1. Download the iSecurity+ App from the Apple App Store or the Google Play store.
  2. Power your camera and wait for the LED at the back of the camera to blink red and green.
  3. In your phone or tablet, open the WiFi settings.
  4. Connect to the camera’s WiFi, CFHVBVA10XXXX - where XXXX are the last 4 digits of your camera’s Mac ID, as found on the back sticker of your camera.
  5. Launch your Tend Baby App. Your app should take you through the remainder of the setup process.

If you’re having trouble, view our User Manual or setup video below:

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