Frequently Asked Questions


Can I recover deleted or expired footage?

Unfortunately no. For security purposes, once the video is deleted, it is erased instantly.

What is an error code -1?

An error code -1 occurs when connection is lost with the server or internet. Please check your phone's internet connectivity and try logging in again.

Can my smartphone and my significant other's smartphone receive alerts, view events, and access the camera?

Family members can login using the same credentials. This will allow all members to receive alerts. However, only one person at a time can view events and access the camera.

Where can I find user guides for Tend products?

Please visit our Product Support page to download the Quick Start Guides and view How-To articles for all Tend products.


What do I need to view my camera's live feed and recorded videos?

An Android or iOS based smartphone. We do not have a Windows phone app, desktop app or Windows 10 app.

Do your cameras work with other software or private security systems?

Not at this moment, but our proprietary software will connect with other Internet of Things softwares and products in the future.

Why is my camera offline? showing black and white?

View the Product Support page for support.

What kind of power do Tend cameras run on?

All Tend cameras require simple AC power plug in, with the exception of Lynx Solarâ„¢ which can run on either Solar power or AC power.


Why is the app slow? not getting notifications?

View the Product Support page for support.

Purchases, Shipping, Returns

What forms of payments do you accept online?

We currently accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express for online order payments.

What are your shipping costs and delivery schedule?

Please visit our Shipping page for more information on our shipping policies.

How do I return an item?

Please visit our Refunds and Exchanges page to view our return policy.

What are your privacy and security policies?

You can view our privacy and security policies here.

Contact Us

How do I contact someone at Tend?

Please visit our Contact Us page to connect with a customer service representative.

Where can I find additional assistance with my Tend product?

For questions about your Tend Secure Lynx, John Deere or Despicable Me products, visit our Support Center.

For questions about your Kodak product, visit