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February 20, 2019

This is excellent, no fee no monthly bills to add on your mounting bills. If you have children, babysitters, friends. A elderly parent in the home. or just your grandkids (teenagers) to keep a eye on. Even if you live in a apartment complex, to a 2 family home. Even a EX...well you are away for a few days, it records activity. Thank you. PS I wish this was made a few years ago.

Scott F.
February 2, 2019

Setting up the camera was pretty straightforward, and using app to see video, record motion and send alerts is pretty simple as well. I also have the Tend Pro in my garage and the motion detection will pick up cars driving down the street. Had one issue with viewing recording and I was emailed the fix within 15 minutes. Great Camera

September 22, 2018

This has got to be by far the easiest set-up out there. I am in the networking business, and I had a Foscam. What a nightmare, and to try to set up to view from cell when on 4G is simply a joke. This on the other hand is a breeze, it stunned me. And when I went out of WiFi range it simply switched to 4G - no punching through firewalls etc. The image is a huge improvement - wider field of vision, and the night vision is way, way better {I have one in my attic to look out for vermin in traps....think i got them all, but I digress) - Anyhow, about to place an order for the outside monitor.

Indoor 2 Camera