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Pet Highlight Reel


Never miss a moment

The KODAK Video Monitor for Pets CFH-V15 comes with proprietary pet detection technology that can identify your four-legged loved ones, from dogs to cats, and even rabbits! The Pet Highlight Reel turns everyday video events of your furry friends into cute montages for you to relive your pets’ most memorable moments.

Talk to your pets on the go

Dog chewing and making a mess

Use 2-way audio to listen and talk to your furry friends through a built-in microphone and speaker. Through the mobile app (Android, iOS), you can interact with your pets (or ask them to stop chewing on your shoes) from anywhere around the world.

Share your pet’s fun and lovable memories

Family watching video on their smartphone

Share your pet’s most lovable and entertaining events. After the Pet Highlight Reels are generated, simply save the video files to your mobile device’s gallery. You can then post, tweet, upload, or email away to show the world just how cute your furry friend is.

Enhance your experience with innovative & secure technology

V15 with Free Cloud Storage

The KODAK Video Monitor for Pets CFH-V15 lets you check on, talk to, and capture memories of your pets while you’re away. Our proprietary pet detection technology automatically detects, records and safely stores video events of your pets in the cloud with Lifetime 1-Day Cloud Storage (premium storage plans available for purchase). Our deep neural network has been trained on tens of thousands of pictures of different pets, allowing your camera to easily spot your furry friends.

Activate the Pet Highlight Reel™ to turn everyday video events of your furry friends into cute montages for you to relive and share your pets’ most memorable moments using the free and secure iSecurity+ app (iOS, Android). With the KODAK Video Monitor for Pets CFH-V15, you’ll always stay close to your loved ones.