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Smart Detection


Say good-bye to nuisance alerts

While all KODAK Video Monitors come with motion-triggered notifications, you may not want to receive alerts notifying you of lighting changes or of leaves rustling outside your window. With Smart Detection, you can choose to receive an alert only when a person is seen to reduce false alarms by up to 98%.

Smart Notifications
Notification screen

Get real-time updates on meaningful events

You deserve to know what's really going at home. Smart Detection lets you categorize and filter your motion-triggered notifications by "Activity", such as a moving vehicle, or by "People" -- for enhanced situational awareness.

Browse your events timeline quicker

After a long day away from home, you don't want to go through dozens of events. When Smart Detection is combined with 30-DAY Cloud Storage, you get to filter and playback only the most important events that occurred throughout the day.

Filter screen