Tend Protects

TEND Protects

Redefine security with breakthrough and cutting edge technology. Always know what’s happening with security monitors crafted for every space - indoor and outdoor. Get real-time updates on meaningful events through Smart Detection, letting you categorize and filter your motion-triggered notifications by "Activity", such as a moving vehicle, or by "People" for enhanced situational awareness. With cameras tailored for every need, you’ll always have peace of mind.

John Deere




Redefining Property Management

Discover the latest line of John Deere security cameras born from a heritage of protecting what matters most. Check in on your property, equipment or loved ones with live HD streaming video, automatic night vision and instant alerts via the free iSecurity+ app. Each camera also comes with 24 hours of free and secure cloud storage. With easy setup and brilliant features John Deere cameras offer a comprehensive property monitoring solution that elevates peace of mind.

John Deere WiFi Camera 100
Wifi Camera 100
John Deere WiFi Camera 120W
Wifi Camera 120W




Unrivaled Technology and Innovation

Tend to what matters most with a suite of KODAK products created to help you stay connected to the people, pets and places - wherever you are. With smooth HD video quality, crisp 2-way audio and automatic infrared night vision, you’ll never miss a moment. Using the free and secure app, view live video remotely using your smartphone or tablet. With KODAK monitors, you’ll always stay close to your loved ones.

Dog sleeping on couch

KODAK Video Monitor CFH-V10
Video Monitor CFH-V10
KODAK Video Monitor CFH-V20
Video Monitor CFH-V20

Coming soon


Smart LTE Security Camera System

Winner of the 2017 CES Innovation Award Honoree Award for the Smart Home category, the Smart LTE Security Camera is the first truly wireless security camera on the market. The LTE-enabled Camera runs on cellular data network and is fully battery-operated and rechargeable, meaning you don't need to feel hindered by your WiFi network or a traditional power source. Small and portable, the LTE Camera is rated for both indoor and outdoor environments, has a high powered infrared LED and is fully capable to watch over your property around the clock with night vision.

A built-in motion sensor triggers the LTE camera to automatically begin recording when movement is detected and has the ability to recognize people, pets and livestock. Playback recorded motion-triggered video clips - store in the cloud- from the past 24 hours. This camera includes free cloud storage so you can rest assured that you'll never miss a moment.

LTE Solar coming soon

Outdoor Solar Station

The solar panel and large capacity battery provide continuous usage without the need of a power adapter. High powered infrared LEDs offer extended night vision and long range PIR motion sensors can detect activities anytime of day.

LTE Marine coming soon

Marine Station

Compact and salt-water repellant housing makes this accessory perfect for all marine vessels. Standard external power, infrared LEDs and custom tuned motion sensors are ideal for the boating environment.